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OF0003 | Thay đổi ngôn ngữ hiển thị trong Office ( bao gồm Excel, Word, Power Point ...)

Step 1: Install the language accessory pack

Select the version of Office you're using from the tabs below, then select the language desired from the drop-down list. Then choose the appropriate architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) from the download links provided. If you're not sure what you're using see What version of Office am I using?

Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to install it

Version Link 32bit Link 64bit
Newer versions Dowload Dowload
Office 2013 Dowload Dowload
Office 2010 Dowload Dowload


Step 2: Configure Office language

After you install the language accessory pack, you must configure Office for your new language preferences.

  1. Open any Office program and then click File > Options > Language.

  2. Under Choose Editing Languages, make sure that the language you want to use is added to this list.

    The dialog box where you can add, select, or remove the language Office uses for editing and proofing tools.

    If the language accessory pack includes proofing tools for that language, the Proofing column shows Installed.

  3. Under Choose Display and Help languages, you can change the default display and help languages for all your Office applications.

    The dialog that allows you to select the language that Office will use for it's buttons, menus and help.

    If the language accessory pack contained display and help for the language, you should see it listed here.

  4. Restart all Office programs for your changes to take effect.

    You can change the default language for all your Office applications in the Set the Office Language Preferences dialog. For more information, see Add a language or set language preferences in Office.

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